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Welcome to Berean Bible Fellowship online! We are honored that you are taking the time to review our website. This website is designed to provide an overview of the mission and ministry of Berean Bible Fellowship Church. We have worked enough to make this site easy to use and to interact with us to get to know us a little better. As you view the pages within, we trust you will be encouraged to come in person and see for yourself why Berean Bible Fellowship Church is a true place to have fellowship. If you have additional questions not answered within these pages, feel free to contact us using the information provided in the link below. Thanks once again for taking the time to visit Berean Bible Fellowship Church site.
Berean Bible Fellowship was first started in January 1986 at Kurnool city, Andhra Pradesh by Bro.P.P. Emmanuel with the desire to study and walk according to the word of God in the like manner of first century Bereans as stated in Acts 17:10-12. The name of this fellowship was prayerfully confirmed by Bro John Kennedy, Scottish missionary in India and a renowned bible teacher (now in His glory). This fellowship of believers has no affiliation or association with any national or foreign church or organization existing with the same name or title either in India or abroad.
Berean Bible Fellowship church held its first service in a rented house. Around twenty people attended this service. From this humble beginning, God has raised up a thriving ministry dedicated to reaching as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Few weeks after first service , we outgrew the space available at previous house and moved to another spacious hired building. The church continued to grow and the Lord in his faithfulness and providence enabled us to purchase a piece of land through the generous contributions from local believers and friends. Today, Berean Bible Fellowship church has a variety of ministries through which we share the Gospel and teach the Bible.
We have ministries that are designed to reach every segment of our area as well as those who live around us. We are committed to teach rightly dividing the word of God, encourage the believers to grow in sound doctrine, walk according to his will and fulfilling the Great Commission as given in Matthew 28:19-20 which commands us to "Go," "teach," and "baptize". We believe this simple formula is the key to having a church that will please God and impact our world for Jesus Christ. We invite you to be a part of this ministry. Currently, we average 150 – 200 in attendance on a regular Sunday. In addition to our regular Sunday church service, we have regular weekly programmes also.
Till now we are gathering in a temporarily erected prayer hall with sheeted roof. Now we are eagerly looking unto the Lord for his grace and help to begin the process of constructing a permanent church building under the leadership of Bro P.Moses Salt who is presently pastoring the church.

We hope that you have found the history of our church as miraculous as we do. Please feel free to browse the rest of our website. Better yet, we would love to have you come once to have fellowship with us.
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